Announcing a NEW initiative to improve Boston city streets

The Mayor’s Office just made an exciting announcement! Starting on September 15th, Mayor Walsh’s Neighborhood Engagement Walks (NEW) Boston initiative will be taking a close look at every one of our city’s streets to see how they can be made better and safer for residents like us. On Monday you will start to notice workers from the Office of Neighborhood Services walking each of the 850 miles of Boston streets, including those in your own neighborhood, and taking notes on what they see as well as what you say are issues. They really want to know what we think! The goal is for the workers to get to know the infrastructure in each area of the city, meaning how well the streets, side and crosswalks, and buildings are set up to make each Boston neighborhood a great one to live, learn, work, and play in. Once the NEW initiative gets a sense of all the streets and neighborhoods, their data will be available for everyone to see in an interactive map on the web similar to this trail map. This will be a great opportunity for us to see how and when the issues we brought up are getting resolved. So keep your eyes pealed for the upcoming changes that will make our streets better for our families, our communities, and us.


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