April showers bring May flowers

As much as the spring weather makes us all want to spend more time outside, sometimes the rain can keep us indoors. Here are some ideas for staying active, even when you have to stay inside.

Take advantage of free days at some of Boston’s best attractions

  • This March, the Boston Museum of Science is offering Free Film Fridays at their IMAX theater
  • Free play dates at the Institute of Contemporary Art are held on the last Saturday of every month and include hands-on arts and crafts, performances, gallery tours, and films. Check out the schedule here!
  • Check out the Free Family Gym every Saturday at Madison Park in Roxbury, Holland Community Center in Dorchester, and Blackstone Community Center in Boston

Affordable local attractions

Bring the outdoors inside

  • Get some of your kitchen utensils, such as bowls, measuring cups, and scoops, and fill the bath with a few inches of water. Let your kids splash around to their hearts’ content!
  • Create indoor versions of your kids’ favorite sports! Make a bowling alley with a tennis ball and some empty water bottles or play indoor volleyball with a balloon and a net made of string or a blanket
  • Make the living room an obstacle course and time your kids to see how fast they can go through it
  • Play indoor basketball with some balled-up socks and a bucket

Check out some of our past suggestions as well, if you need more ideas!


(Image courtesy of Boston.com)

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