Boston Bikes, and so can you!

Spring is almost here and that means it’s time to ditch your snow boots for your bicycle. As the weather warms, the streets will be filled with more and more cyclists—and we encourage you to be one of them!

Biking is a great way to way combine fitness and fun! Hop on a bike and you can increase your daily physical activity while running errands or exploring the city. Bikes also help you travel from place to place in a environmentally-friendly way. People of all ages can enjoy biking and its health benefits, so it’s also a great family activity!

Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry! The Hubway, Boston’s bike sharing system, allows members to borrow bicycles from one of the many stations in the city and return it at another. You’ve probably seen one of the many gray bicycle docking stations in Cambridge, Brookline, Allston/Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, South Boston, and more! Given the warmer weather this year, Hubway reopened for the season earlier than ever. They even announced plans to add even more stations this Spring and Summer so you can hop on a Hubway bike regardless of where you are.

For eligible Boston residents, Hubway offers a subsidized annual membership of only $5. Together with the Boston Public Health Commission, Hubway believes that access to Hubway bicycles should be available to all residents. For these subsidized members, they can borrow and ride a bike for up to an hour for free. Head to their website to see if you qualify.

The Hubway and its subsidized membership are part of a city-wide initiative called Boston Bikes, Mayor Walsh’s vision to create a vibrant and safe city for bicycling and promote a healthier lifestyle for all Bostonians. Boston Bikes offers youth cycling programs and women’s programs too. As a part of Boston Bikes, the Roll it Forward program collects, repairs, and distributes bicycles to those who cannot afford to buy their own.

As with any physical activity, safety comes first! So before you get on a bike, make sure you know how to cycle safety in the city. Bicycle safety includes wearing a helmet (included in the Hubway subsidized membership!), understanding different bicycle lanes, using bike lights if you’re riding at night, and more. We’ve included plenty of safety resources in this blog, so please check those out to make sure you’re biking safely. Once you’ve got those down, you’re ready to hop on a bike, explore the city, and help the environment, all while getting a great workout!

(Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

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