Community Gardens 101

This season we do not have to look very far to find fresh fruits and vegetables. The tastiest options are often even closer than we think! Delicious, local produce is coming more and more from backyards and parkways where community gardens have started to spring up all over Boston. You may have walked by a community garden without even realizing it. This overview of community gardening may make you want not only to stop and smell the flowers, but maybe even to plant them yourself!

What is a community garden?

  • A plot of land or group of soil beds that a community cares for together

Why become a gardener in your community?

  • So that you can share in the fun of gardening (gardening is a great excuse to soak up the sunshine and get your hands dirty once in awhile)
  • So that your family can enjoy the great fruit, vegetables, flowers, or even herbs that grow out of your community’s effort – for FREE or low cost

Where are the Boston’s community gardens?

When should you begin with gardening if you are interested?

How can you support community gardening without actually gardening?

  • If you would rather support community gardens without getting your hands dirty for now, you can still buy local fruits and vegetables at a low cost with the great deals available from the following partners of community gardening:

This summer, feel great about becoming a gardener or supporting your community’s efforts to bring local fruits and vegetables to every family’s table.

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