Get Moving With the New Boston Hubway!

If you’ve been out in the city this past week, you’ve probably noticed some new shiny, silver bikes on the road. Last week, the city of Boston rolled out The Hubway—a program that allows Boston residents to rent bikes from various locations around the city.

Currently, The Hubway consists of approximately 600 bikes that can be rented for a small fee at 61 stations in Allston, Fenway, Beacon Hill, parts of Roxbury, and many other neighborhoods.  No station in your neighborhood? Visit this section on the Hubway’s website and let them know where you’d like to see stations!

Thinking about your family’s safety on the bikes? The Hubway’s website also offers tips for staying safe. As always, be sure to wear a helmet when riding a bike. If you don’t own a helmet, The Hubway is offering a discount to help members purchase helmets at select local retailers.

So, whether you’re looking for a great way to get from Roxbury Crossing to the Boston Harbor or you just want to take a leisurely stroll on a bike, check out The Hubway! It’s a great way to get moving in the city. Check out the website for more details about memberships, safety, and where you can pick up a bike for your next day out!

Where would you like to see The Hubway add stations??

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