Make the Most of Sports: Help Your Child Prevent Injuries

Kids playing baseball

Sports are a great way for kids to stay active, learn social skills, and develop confidence. But sports can also lead to injury. There are several steps you can take to help your child avoid sports injuries and enjoy the activity of their choice!  Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Make sure your child is wearing the right type of protective gear. For instance, if your daughter plays volleyball, be sure she wears kneepads at all times. If your son plays soccer, be sure that he wears his shin-guards at practice and at games.
  • Be sure your child’s safety gear fits properly. An employee at a sporting good store can often help you find the best fit. You can also ask your child’s coach for help.
  • Helmets are the best way to avoid head injuries, such as concussions. In order for a helmet to work properly, it must fit properly. Also, be sure your child wears the right helmet for the sport. For example, do not let them use a bike helmet to play baseball.
  • Make sure your child warms up before any activity. Have your kids jog around the house and then try some light stretching exercises. This is a great time to get moving with your child!
  • Don’t let your child play when they’re injured.  If a child continues to play with an injury, it can take even longer to heal.  There is also a risk for further injury. Be sure your child’s physician gives approval before play begins again.

For more about sports injury prevention, check out Children’s Hospital Boston’s page! Share your sports-safety tips with other parents in the comments section below!


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