More Reason to Move: Staying active is good for children’s bodies and minds

For children, being active can help build strong bones, strengthen muscles, and promote balance and flexibility in growing bodies. Did you know that exercise also affects children’s ability to learn?

Researchers have found that exercise can actually help communication systems in the brain function better, improving how well you can remember and pay attention. Even small bouts of activity have some benefit on learning, which is especially important for academic success.

There are benefits for adults, too. In some studies, being inactive has been linked with faster mental decline as people age – all the more reason to get moving together as a family! Follow these tips to increase your activity throughout the day and keep your brain sharp!

  • Jump rope. A jump rope is an inexpensive way to boost your heart rate, and you can jump rope in a small space such as a patio or living room.
  • Dance. When your energy’s low or you’re having trouble concentrating, turn up the music and have a dance party for 10-15 minutes. Feel free to let loose!
  • Go for a walk. Don’t underestimate the power of a quick walk. Even a few laps around the block can help clear your head and get your brain back on track.
  • Climb the stairs. When you’re short on time or equipment, run up and down the stairs several times and feel the burn.
  • Do push-ups. Get in the habit of starting the day with 10 push-ups. You and your child can do them together and help each other track your progress as you get stronger.

The next time you or your child feels sluggish, remember to try one of these activities. Staying active can help keep both your mind and body in shape. Share your favorite ways to stay active in the comments section below.

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