Stay active this Winter to avoid the flu!

With the state of MA in a state of emergency due to the current flu outbreak, it could not be more important to consider how you and your family can protect yourselves. Keeping yourself healthy to avoid the flu seems like common sense, but it may not be common practice. Research shows that staying physically active and eating well are two of the most important ways to maintain overall health. But did you know that regular physical activity can help protect children and adults from the flu? One way that being active may shield you from infection is by helping white blood cells circulate through the bloodstream to boost the immune system. Here are good ways to keep your family healthy:

  • Be moderately active on a regular basis, including activities like speed walking to school or work.
  • Encourage your whole family to stay active in the winter by bundling up and heading outside to play in the snow. On days when you would rather stay active and warm inside, check our Fun in Your Neighborhood database for indoor resources near you. Flu season is not over yet!
  • DON’T push yourself to exercise while you are in the process of getting better. Just put a celebratory walk or other activity on your to-do list for when you have recovered.
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