Trampoline take-over

Feel like you are flying while working up a sweat by jumping on a trampoline. Since we do not get the chance to practice much vertical movement in our everyday lives, trampolining gives the legs, heart, and lungs a workout unlike the speed walking and our other forms of cardio we tend to do most often. Indoor trampolining is an alternative to outdoor activity in the winter months that has kids and adults all over Boston jumping into the fun of fitness in safe and padded settings like SkyZone. Anyone who wants to bounce can buy 30 minutes or more of open jump time for just a few dollars. For a group jump experience, get your family and friends together to take over the 10,000 square foot gym with a big game of dodgeball. You’ll find SkyZone in Hyde Park right next to the Rock Spot indoor rock climbing gym that you may know from our post about off the wall winter fun.

To get the benefits of regular trampolining at home or at your local recreation center, practice hopping, jumping, and bouncing with a mini trampoline called a rebounder, or with a jump rope. Remember, active fun is not just for kids. Adults can enjoy the option of bouncing for aerobic fitness just as much as kids and embrace the opportunity to look a little silly in one of the heart-pumping “urban rebounding” classes that are starting to be offered at gyms across the city. Have fun and jump safely into the New Year!


(Image courtesy of Clintus McGintus, Flickr)

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