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Find Fresh Truck in your neighborhood!

Fresh Truck is a mobile market carrying affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. Their Weekly Market stops at the same place, at the same time, every week, all year round… so check out this schedule & share with a friend to find

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When in doubt, stretch it out!

Stretching: it’s something we’re told to do before and after any form of exercise, particularly sports. And it’s good advice! Stretching properly before physical activity can be just as important as the activity itself. Listed below are some benefits of

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Hearty winter vegetables

Most people don’t associate winter with fresh, local fruits and veggies. And it’s true—in many places, finding fresh produce (that isn’t potatoes and onions) can be hard when cold weather hits. But with proper planning, finding and eating a diverse

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New year, new you, new food!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you all had a fun and safe new year’s celebration. For most, the new year brings excitement and mystery of a “clean slate.” Even kids have a new quarter or semester at school to

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How to make New Year’s resolutions stick

The end of the year is often marked by celebrations filled with family, friends, and food! In between the holiday celebrations, we hope you have a chance to look back and reflect on a year’s worth of memories, milestones, and—in

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Three ways to keep off holiday weight

All throughout the year, we’ve given you tips on how to keep you and your kids healthy and fit. We’ve written about maintaining physical activity, like biking around Boston and indoor activity ideas. We’ve also posted a lot of nutrition-related

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Skate your way through winter

With the first snowfall behind us, you may be wondering how to keep kids active during the winter season. It’s tempting to hibernate and stay inside, but we encourage you to get outside and try some new winter activities! One

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Need tips for good posture? We’ve got your back!

In recent years, a lot of health related news has focused on how sedentary our lives have become—meaning we, adults and kids included, spend too much time sitting and staying still instead of being active. While many health issues result

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The 2016 Healthy Family Fun Health and Wellness Resource Guide

Whether you’re a Boston native or new to the area, Boston has plenty of fun and unique experiences to offer its residents. We’ve highlighted a bunch here on the website—from the Charles River Esplanade to the Emerald Necklace to Daily

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8 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving without overeating

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, as always, there’s a lot to look forward to. Every year, families gather to enjoy each other’s company and delicious food. For most, the day revolves around the main Thanksgiving meal, which often

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