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Playworks is a national non-profit organization that believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. Playworks works in 28 schools in the Boston area, reaching over 15,000 students! Playworks places fully-trained full-time coaches in schools who work to provide more play and physical activity to students all day long, including during recess, class, and after school.

Playworks’ strategies have brought about some great changes inMassachusetts schools. Teachers and students noticed changes both at recess and in the classroom, including:

  • 81% decrease in bullying during recess
  • 87% decrease in disciplinary incidents
  • 91% increase in class participation
  • 99% increase in student physical activity
  • 91% reported a positive impact on school climate

When kids play more, there are benefits for their physical and mental health. They are more ready to focus when it’s time for class and healthier because they’re more active!

Playworks also helps to make play fun at home

Try out some of the Playworks tips for playing at home!

  • Try to have kids lead their own games and, whenever possible, let them have a say in where and how they are playing.
  • Use simple, positive, and clear rules. For example, instead of saying “Don’t push,” say “Tag lightly.” Having only 3-6 rules makes it easier for kids to remember them.
  • Practice working out conflicts using games like Rock, Paper, Scissors to avoid wasting valuable play time on arguing over who was first in line or who had the ball first.
  • Playtime should be a part of everyday life, not a reward. Don’t take away playtime as a punishment!

Learn more and watch for more fun ideas from Playworks here!


Playworks in Boston:


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