Cook up a storm this winter

As the temperature heads towards freezing, staying indoors and cooking is starting to sound like a cozy way to spend the holidays. Whipping up a winter feast is more fun with family and fresh food you can feel great about serving them. We’ve got all the tips you need to make your kitchen a winter wonderland.

First, gather the tasty, winter foods that your family will love to eat. When you are looking for local produce that will be fresh and filling for your family this winter, check out Boston Organics for a list of the foods like greens and root vegetables that are in season now and available at your local winter farmer’s market (find yours on this map).

Second, prep your produce. Once you have your produce in hand, Boston Organics’ handy Winter Produce Guide will be your go-to reference for how to peel and store them so your family can keep on enjoying beets, parsnips, and many more cold weather veggies all season long.

Third, brush up on your cooking skills the fun and festive way. Sign up for the free “Cooking with Winter Vegetables” workshop on December 14th for a chance to be guided by chefs from the Eat Well cooking workshop series offered by Dorchester’s Food Project.

Fourth, get the littler chefs in your family involved in preparing a holiday meal. Reread our 2011 winter post on how to have the most fun possible making holiday dishes like Mom’s no cook cranberry salad as a family.

Finally, enjoy the holiday season at home with food that makes you feel great and company that makes you feel even better.

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