Food, family, and fun at the farmer’s market

It seems like Bostonians have always enjoyed shopping for local ingredients available at the city’s many farmer’s markets and through its huge array of community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. The Copley Square Farmer’s Market alone is bursting with people from 11am to 6pm on every Tuesday and Friday until the plaza is practically overflowing with food, farmers, and friends. Such sources of fresh fruits and veggies (and now breads, pastas, and sweet treats, too!) have long been a fun and accessible way for adults to enjoy the city’s food culture. The addition of SNAP/EBT as a payment option for farmer’s market purchases has made it even easier to get the most delicious and nutritious items from your grocery list at the right price. “Bounty Bucks” can get SNAP users even greater bang for your buck!

Now kids can share in the fun of the farmer’s market with their own weekly box of fresh produce. The Siena Farms Kids’ Share created in collaboration with ChopChop Magazine is kicking off its first kids-only CSA season this fall. The 12-week share of fruits, veggies, and herbs will be coordinated around 2 or 3 different kid-friendly recipes from ChopChop included in each box along with the ingredients. For only $20 per week families can sign up their 6-12 year-olds for a box of 6 or more different kinds of produce and a role as the family chef. Once they pick up their first box at the Copley Square Farmer’s Market or Siena Farms store in the South End and take a peek inside, kids will be inspired to want to cook with and for their family and friends. Even unfamiliar fruits and veggies are approachable for picky eaters when they come in a way that empowers kids to learn about and get creative with all the foods that grow around them. You can learn more about the fall CSA season here or do it yourself! Make your own kids’ share by bringing the family along to your neighborhood farmer’s market and building your own box of ingredients to cook a meal together.


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