Have a healthy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a great holiday for tons of reasons. You get to dress up, tell scary stories, carve pumpkins, and eat delicious treats! It can be hard to balance enjoying the holiday and staying healthy, particularly when it seems like candy is everywhere.

So how to have a great Halloween without overdoing it on the candy? Set a candy limit – tell your kids beforehand that Halloween candy will be limited to 2 or 3 pieces a day. If you have multiple kids, challenge them to see who can make their candy last the longest! To help with this, keep candy out of sight so they (and you) aren’t tempted. Help to set a good example by following this limit yourself. And make sure everyone eats dinner before you head out trick or treating so you’ll be less tempted try out those treats before you get back home.

Also, make sure that you talk with your kids about safety on the roads before going trick or treating. Wear bright colors and stay on the sidewalks whenever possible. Bring a flashlight and hold it in your hand, while on, so that cars can see you. And make sure costumes and masks let kids see clearly!

Check out past tips for safe and healthy Halloweens here and here! And try out these yummy Halloween treats if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to candy!


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