Healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods

Eating healthy meals is a great goal and very important for living a healthy, active lifestyle, but sometimes you just want to eat your favorite foods. What can you do when you’re trying to eat well and set a good example for your family, but you’re really craving macaroni and cheese? Well, we’ve found some great suggestions for how to make healthier versions of your family’s favorite meals!

  • Do you love tacos? Try wrapping the same ingredients in a lettuce wrap instead of a taco shell, or try this cilantro lime turkey taco.
  • Craving hamburgers? Replace the burger buns with giant, delicious portabello mushrooms.
  • Dying for some fries? Toss some carrots or sweet potato slides in salt and pepper and bake.
  • Are you a lasagna lover? Change lasagna noodles for thinly sliced eggplant or zucchini.
  • How about mac and cheese? You can substitute cauliflower for pasta and still satisfy your love for cheese.


Try one of these out for dinner tonight and see if anyone can tell the difference. Let us know your favorites!


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