Welcome Fall with a Pick-Your-Own Adventure

As the weather cools down, it’s starting to feel like fall. Sunday is the first official day of the new season. Celebrate with all of the fresh produce MA has to offer and add a little movement to your meal by picking your own seasonal fruits and veggies. Many farms in the Boston area invite families to walk through their fields and orchards to pick the very best apples and other fall treats for a low cost. Our favorite fall fruit mascot, the apple’s season has definitely arrived. But there are lots more fall favorites like corn, winter squash, pumpkins, carrots, kale and collards greens, and many more that are all ripe for the picking in MA from now through October! Get the family together for a pick-your-own adventure this weekend. Massgrown from Mass.gov has everything you need to find a farm near you. Just pick a crop like pumpkins from the drop down list on this website and pumpkin patches near you will pop up on a map of MA faster than you can say, “I love fall!” Even if you don’t pick it yourself, you can still enjoy some local produce at the next farmer’s market in your neighborhood. Happy fall!

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