Celebrate Screen-Free Week and Spend Time Away from the TV

Spending too much time in front of screens can have a negative effect on children’s health. Screens include TVs, computers, cell phones, and video games – and the more “screen time” kids get, the less time they spend being active!

That’s why twice each year parents are urged to limit their children’s screen time for one week. The next Screen-Free Week is April 30th through May 6th. Will your family participate? Think of this as an “experiment” that can help your family reconnect with your favorite screen-free activities at a park, museum, or even at your kitchen table.

What will you and your family will do with the extra screen-free hours in your day? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Play outside. Find a park or playground in your area and head out with a jump rope, ball or a few pieces of chalk for hopscotch or 4-square. Remember that enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to require lots of gear or time.
  • Draw, sketch or paint. Researchers have found that art is a great way to stimulate brain growth in children. Try a box of crayons, some construction paper, paste, and magazines to cut pictures from.  That should be enough to get your family’s creativity flowing!
  • Build. No need for store-bought blocks. Save shipping boxes, then tape them back together to make perfect fort-building blocks for your kids. 
  • Bike. Put on your helmet and go out for a spin! If you don’t own a bike, consider a membership to Boston’s new Hubway program. New locations are popping up all the time!
  • Mold. If you don’t have playdough on hand, no problem!  Follow this recipe to make simple, non-toxic playdough right in your own kitchen with a few staple ingredients. Add a few drops of food coloring to the dough, then let your child’s imagination run wild!
  • Cook. Spending time in the kitchen with your child helps you taste new foods and learn new ways to cook some of your favorites. If you’re looking for recipes, check out the kid-friendly healthy recipes on the Healthy Family Fun site.

If you participate in Screen-Free Week, let us know how you’ll stay busy and active below or on our Facebook page!

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