Family fun in the park

With the temperatures warming up, everyone is spending a lot more time outside. Whether you’re in your yard, a park, or other open space, make the most out of the spring weather with these easy games that will get you moving and raise your heart rate! Best of all? They’re free, require no preparation, and they’re easy to do anywhere!

  • Scavenger hunt: Take turns creating a list of 3 things for everyone else to find in the park. Whoever finds all 3 first comes up with the next list! Some ideas are a leaf with 5 points, a pink flower, a bug, or a pinecone. Or try these printable lists here and here.
  • Follow the leader: Pick someone to be the leader and have the rest of the group follow them. Whatever the leader does (skips, jumps, goes down the slide), everyone behind has to follow. Rotate every 5 minutes or so, so that everyone gets a turn.
  • Playground obstacle course: Set out a path throughout the park, including activities at certain stops, and time everyone individually to see who can do it the fastest (while being safe, of course)! Need some suggestions? Try rules like, go down the slide while clapping, skip to the tree and do 5 jumping jacks, hop like a bunny from one end of the playground to the other.
  • Hot lava: This is an oldie, but a goodie. Pretend that everything under the playground (the sand or grass) is lava and try to get from one end of the playground to the other without getting “burned!”
  • Stuck in the mud: A great game for a slightly larger group. This game is similar to freeze tag. Once a person is tagged, they stand with their legs slightly apart. Another player has to crawl between their legs to unfreeze them. The last unfrozen player gets to be “it” next!

Need more ideas? Here are some other ways to get active again in spring. And always make sure you bring water and remember these tips about keeping your skin safe in the sun!

Check out our always-growing list of places to play in your neighborhood!


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