Finding the Benefits of the Beach in the Winter

There’s 10 inches of snow piled high across the city, temperatures are below freezing, and warm summer days at nearby beaches are a distant memory. Believe it or not, summer is not the only time for swimming and water-based activities! Across Boston, you and your family can access low-cost swimming facilities that can bring the summer fun of swimming to the coldest months of the year.

The benefits of swimming and water-based activities are well known. Some of the common health benefits¹ of swimming include:

  1. It is a low-impact form of exercise that supports cardiovascular fitness
  2. Swimming tones muscle and builds strength because you use your whole body to move through the water
  3. Performing different swim strokes like the front crawl and breaststroke lead to better coordination
  4. Swimming can improve mental health and mood

To benefit from water-based activities, here is a listing of some of Boston’s swimming facilities for you and your family to access:

  • From Chinatown to Mattapan, many Boston Centers for Youth and Families’ Community Center have pools where they offer regular swim classes, family swim hours, and more. Additionally, during February Vacation, 13 BCYF locations will be hosting free swim lessons and swim safety for children 4 years old and up.
  • The Kroc Corps Community Center in Dudley Square offers facility day passes for $5-7 per day for youth under 17 years and just $10-$13 per day for adults. Their pool is not just a pool but Boston’s largest indoor waterpark with a water slide, basketball hoops, and bubble bench.
  • YMCA Boston hosts Open Swim or Family Swim hours on a regular basis at their various locations when their pool facilities are open for families to enjoy. They also offer comprehensive swimming lesson programs for all abilities.

So, pack up your family bag with goggles, swim suits, and flip flops and head to one of these nearby indoor swimming facilities to reap the benefits of splashing around in the pool.

¹Health Benefits of Water-based Exercise. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. May 2016.

Image courtesy of Boston Centers for Youth and Families

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