Happy Memorial Day!

Ready? Set?… Play! The holiday weekend starts now! The weekend in May is the perfect time to enjoy Boston’s springtime events and warmer weather with the family. The whole city is open for exploration throughout the weekend and on Monday. If you need help narrowing down all the fun options,  have some ideas to get your planning started.

  • Join other active families as they flood into public parks and play spaces to enjoy warmer weather.
  • Take a walk through Boston Common and the Public Garden to meet the baby ducklings who have just hatched and are now paddling in the lagoon.
  • Ride on a swan boat.
  • Visit Franklin Park’s new Zoorasic Park exhibit and baby animals like the prairie dog pups who were just born this spring.
  • Drop into the Museum of Fine Arts for Free Memorial Day Community Weekend events that families will love.
  • Grab some fresh ingredients from a farmer’s market and get the whole family involved in creating a Memorial Day meal. This could even be a picnic or a barbecue.

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to refresh yourself before launching into a busy summer. Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend as a family to finish off the springtime.


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