Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital Healthy Family Fun Program

The Community Academy for Science & Health (CASH) was bustling with activity on a recent Saturday afternoon as students and families in the community enjoyed a Kohl’s Healthy Family Fun (HFF) Day. CASH, one of the 27 public high schools in Boston, is located in Dorchester. The success and fun of its HFF event just goes to show that CASH is a true part of the community. A few of us at Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the event, which is one of 43 events being organized this school year by Boston Children’s in collaboration with the Boston Public Schools. This event was particularly special because it was planned by some of the CASH students who identified the activities that they wanted and they helped to coordinate the event.

Over 100 people from the school and community got to enjoy healthy foods, get moving with some fun music, and learn more about what the community offers to help keep families active. During activity breaks directed by a fitness instructor, everyone got a chance to dance, learn some new aerobic moves, and break a sweat. Everyone refueled with a delicious lunch of chicken and pita sandwiches along with snacks like pears and yogurt available. Even the youngest attendees could be found sipping kale, broccoli, and tropical fruit smoothies made fresh throughout the event by the Assistant Principal.

At the end of the event everyone went home with giveaway items from Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program to help remind them that being healthy is fun!

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