Let the games begin

The 2014 winter Olympic games officially begin on Friday evening with the opening ceremonies in Sochi, Russia. Whether your family has been eagerly awaiting the games or you’re more interested in the showy opening ceremony, the Olympics are a time for everyone to take a little extra joy in the sports and activities of the winter season. Athletes from all over the world will be competing in fifteen sports over the next two weeks. Some of their events are a little unusual, like bobsledding (shooting down a steep, icy track on a sled as a team of four) and curling (pushing a stone around an ice rink with a broom). But others are ones that every day athletes like us do all the time in the winter just for the fun of being outdoors. Remember when during the last summer Olympics we said, “you don’t have to be an Olympian to reap the benefits of playing sports?” It is still true; and in the winter, the benefits of staying active and getting fresh air can be even better if your family has been feeling cabin fever! Ice skating and skiing are some of the most enjoyable Olympic events that families can practice near home at skating rinks and cross-country skiing tracks all over the Boston area. If your little Olympians at home need a little help getting enthusiastic about winter sports, try sharing fun stories about the history of the Olympics and sporty coloring sheets for each of the games from resources like this one.


(Image source: http://dribbble.s3.amazonaws.com/users/193921/screenshots/1078248/winter-olympics.png)


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