Ride into April school vacation week

Now that spring vacation is almost here, the family is likely looking forward to spending time together outside. Biking together is a fun way to stay active as a family during vacation down time. With Hubway bicycle rental, you can bike all week for just a few dollars. Hubway’s official opening day for this season of bike sharing in Boston was April 8. Just in time for vacation! We remember when Hubway launched in July, 2011. Now the popular, silver, rental bikes are back and better than ever with 1,100 bikes at 112 stations in more areas of Boston plus Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville. If you are already a Hubway member, which stations are your favorites? If you have not joined the movement yet, it is easy to get ready to roll and explore your city with Boston Hubway.


Find a bike to rent through Hubway:

  • Map the station closest to you using Hubway’s station mapper.
  • Download the free SpotCycle application for your smartphone to find a bike anywhere, anytime.
  • Choose you membership plan – with a 24 hour access pass you can take a 30-minute ride (or two, or three!) for as little as $5.

If you or the kids have tried renting and love biking enough to buy a bike, find a cheap but sturdy bike to call your own through Bikes Not Bombs.

  • Find the perfect reconditioned bike for you (adults and kids) at the bike and repair shop in Jamaica Plain.
  • Children can earn a bike through a low cost “learning and earning” workshop series over 4-6 weeks. Starting in May, girls ages 12-18 can pick a bike to rebuild through the Girls in Action program. Or wait until July to enjoy the Earn-a-Bike workshop for both girls and boys.


Now that you have found a bike, get ready to explore the city safely on two wheels using our tips for getting a helmet, brushing up on bicycle safety, and mapping your route. Once you are geared up it is fun to get the whole family involved in planning the ride. Try playing follow the leader by allowing each family member to take a turn leading the direction of where you roll. This game works well on the Esplanade or along the Greenway, where bikes and walkers are allowed but cars are not so it is safe for kids to lead the way.


Whether you roll or zoom, biking is a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, the city sights, and quality vacation time with the family.

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