Skate your way through winter

With the first snowfall behind us, you may be wondering how to keep kids active during the winter season. It’s tempting to hibernate and stay inside, but we encourage you to get outside and try some new winter activities! One of our favorite family fun activities is ice-skating.

Ice-skating is a great winter activity for a whole family. Kids and adults of any age can do it! While you may be wobbly for the first few laps around the rink, keep at it and you’ll be skating smoothly before you know it. For kids, many ice skating rinks have skating aids you can rent to help your kids learn to skate and feel more comfortable on ice.

In addition to being fun, ice-skating is also great for health. Ice-skating is a great cardio workout; a few laps around the rink will really get your heart and blood pumping. You’ll probably break a sweat even though you’re on ice! Related to cardio, ice-skating also builds endurance. The more you skate, the more you improve your endurance—not just for ice-skating but for other activities, like running, too!

Additional benefits of ice-skating include improving balance and coordination, increasing joint flexibility, and building and toning muscle. Ice-skating can also be a stress-reliever, especially if you skate at an outdoor rink. Enjoying some fresh air and natural scenery are great ways to relax after a long week. Being around others and enjoying their company is also a plus!

If you’re interested in giving ice-skating a try, here are a few places to check out:

Boston Common Frog Pond

Located at the Boston Common, the Boston Common Frog Pond is open every day at 10am. Closing time varies day by day, so check out the website to make sure you’ll have enough time to enjoy the ice. Admission and rentals are free for anyone under 58 inches (4 feet 10 inches); for everyone else, it’s $6 to enter and $6 for rental skates.

The Skating Club of Boston

Skating at the Skating Club of Boston typically requires membership. However, they have public skating hours for kids and families every Saturday from 12:20-1:50pm. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. Rental skates cost $5.

There are plenty more locations to ice skate around Boston. For the full list, check out the public skating schedule for 2016-2017 here.

See you on the ice!


Photo courtesy of Kids Sports Central

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