Sledding season

Safe sledding starts with the right hill. Boston is bursting with not-too-steep slopes that offer kids a way to slip and slide safely without worrying parents that they will run into a tree, street, or other unfriendly obstacle at the end of their run. It is always worth reminding kids before they head out that sledding is safest on soft snow (not hard ice) and in the daylight when they can see any potential risks in their path. Brush up on your sledding safety tips as a family by watching this video.
We’ve collected the most popular spots for family sledding adventures here so you can add them to your “to-sled list” this winter:

  • The Sugar Bowl next to the Jamaica Pond baseball diamond – you’re in for a uniquely fun ride on this inverted hill with a curved shape that will have you sledding down one side and then sliding right up the other
  • Flagstaff Hill on Boston Common – this slope next to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is many families’ go-to sledding spot in the heart of the city so it’s always bustling with play after a snow fall
  • Peter’s Hill in Arnold Arboretum – when it’s covered in snow, the whole arboretum is a winter wonderland. But if you are looking for a place to sled, you will not want to miss the fun of this particular hill located at the Southern end of the arboretum.
  • Larz Anderson Park in Brookline – although not technically in Boston, it’s not far from many Boston neighborhoods. This park boasts bunches of slopes and a great view of the city!

Which hill are you going to tackle after the next snow? Remember that racing back up the hill so you can slide down again is the best part about sledding for active, family fun.

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