Greek Yogurt: a home cook’s best friend

Greek yogurt came in from Europe as a fad a few years ago now and it looks like it is here to stay. This strained yogurt is an alternative to watery, sweetened, American-style yogurt, and many families are embracing its great taste and texture. The best news is that Greek yogurt is actually an even better source of calcium, important for strong bones, and protein, essential for strong muscles, than American-style yogurt. When the US Department of Agriculture heard that Greek yogurt was so popular, even with kids, they decided to try including it in the National School Lunch Program this year as an alternative to meat for vegetarians and other kids who want to get their protein from somewhere other than meat. In school lunches that are part of this program, Greek yogurt is usually offered on the side of the meal with fruit in fruit cups like these. But at home, you can get even more creative by including Greek yogurt in savory recipes where you would normally rely on sour cream, cream cheese, or mayonnaise. One simple swap you can try today is to replace mayonnaise with Greek yogurt in your family’s egg, tuna, or chicken salad. You could also try using it as a dip or dressing for veggies, as a topping or creamy thickener for soups and stews, or even on sandwiches as a melty, delicious spread. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to share your favorite way to use Greek yogurt on the Kohl’s and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Healthy Family Fun Program Facebook page.

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