Fun with Winter Food

With the spirit of play in mind, winter can be the warmest season for family fun inside and outside the house. If you are willing to bundle up, building a snowman in the park can be a favorite family activity for the first big snow. But what if you could build a snowman everyday…. inside… on your plate? You can! And your kids will certainly want to. All it takes is a set of cookie cutters (they are not just for cookies!) to transform everyday foods into winter treats. has some wonderful wintery ways to make eating well fun including creating the yummy snowman scene above from all five food groups. So let your little food artists run wild with their creations. You might just find that even the pickiest eaters are eager to munch on a whole wheat snowman sandwich and get adventurous by trying green pepper trees. For more tips about how to make eating well fun and easy this holiday season, check out this MyPlate Holiday Makeover infographic and follow the MyPlate Facebook page.


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