5 Healthy After-School Snacks

When the school day is done and the kids are back home and hungry, here are some snack recipes that can power the kids – and you – until dinner.

For fueling after school activities

Kids these days participate in so many different activities, sports, and clubs even after the school day is over. Try this on-the-go snack mix. Filled with fruits and nuts, it’s full of good fats, protein, and carbs. It’s easy to assemble and grab on the go!

For inspiring creative minds

For a fresh snack, make watermelon pizza. Kids can choose what ingredients they’d want to put on these customizable snacks. This can be a fun and tasty after school activity.

For a quick-and-fast snack

Some days, simple is better. Try these incredible edible veggie bowls. All you need are bell peppers (for the edible bowls) and whatever vegetables or dressing your kids like to eat. The best part: no dishes, bowls, or utensils to wash up later!

For prepping ahead

These super strawberry bars are great for making ahead and storing. It’s the perfect snack for kids with a sweet tooth. In fact, baking these bars is a fun family activity – get the kids involved!

For a protein-packed snack

For a heartier snack, consider making these lemony turkey wraps. Made with turkey, hummus, and veggies, it’s protein-packed to keep them full until dinner. Cut the wraps in half for “snack-sized” eating.

These healthy choices will keep your child moving – at least until it’s time for dinner!

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