Make 2015 the year of breakfast

It is that time of year when families resolve to buckle down on habits that they want to form or change together in order to feel their best in the new year. We’ve got a simple and essential habit that you can commit to changing now that will set your family up for success every day of 2015: breakfast. Simply starting the day with a full tank can make it easier to learn, work, and play productively all day long. It does not have to be fancy. Just tossing together some yummy combo of whole grains, healthy fats, low-fat protein and/or dairy, along with some colorful fruits and veggies will work wonders for everyone’s attention and energy levels. If you are rushing to school or work, whip up oatmeal with applesauce or try spreading some peanut butter on a whole-wheat waffle or toast and sprinkling it with raisins. Then on weekends or less busy days you might be inspired to take your time and get creative with a mixed veggie frittata. Let our website’s recipe section be your support system for finding quick and tasty breakfasts to start each day of 2015 on a deliciously full note.

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