Raw food in a rush

Summer is the best time to sit back, relax, and let nature do the prep work for your family’s meals and snacks. Feature fresh fruits and vegetables in your kitchen and enjoy the un-messed-around-with flavor and crunch that comes when you eat them as they come – raw. You may even begin to notice some extra free time on your hands.

Raw fruits and vegetables are quick and easy additions to kids’ lunchboxes and parents’ snack drawers. Instead of cooking, just peel, slice, chop, or none of the above to save even more time getting your favorite summer produce ready to eat. The only step you will not want to skip is to wash all fruits and veggies well. Then, if you do have a few minutes to prep, get fruits and veggies ready to go in advance so that you can grab them for a snack on the go as you run out of the door or quickly toss them into a recipe you are already preparing at home. Raw fruits and veggies can transition quickly from munch-time to lunchtime when you add them to a fun family meal like chicken salad lettuce wraps.

To get started with your own raw routine, it might be helpful to pick one day a week to do your prep. Every Sunday for example, chunk up some melon and get your apples sliced before putting everything into single-serving containers in the refrigerator to last you through the week. Let us know how it goes!


(Image source: http://www.abetterbagofgroceries.com/tag/fruits/)

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