Spooky Halloween Party Recipes

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? Get into the spirit of Halloween and recreate one of these spooky looking recipes! Perfect for both kids and adults, these recipes are easy, healthy, and Halloween-ready!

Dress up your veggies with this skeleton vegetable tray. This fun presentation not only fits the theme, but is also a creative way to get kids excited about veggies. This recipe uses bell peppers for ribs, cauliflower as a spine, and celery for the hands and legs. Other recipes use snap peas or avocado slices for ribs, guacamole or cauliflower for the head, and carrots for the arms and legs. You can really use whichever vegetables you and your kids prefer!

Skeleton veggie tray picture and recipe courtesy of Awe Filled Homemaker

These Jack O Lantern peppers work well as both decoration and food! Carve out orange bell peppers and stuff with tomato sauce and ground meat and roast in the oven, as shown in this recipe. You can fill these mini Jack O Lanterns with anything, from ground turkey and chicken to quinoa, wild rice, roasted veggies, or chickpeas. The possibilities are endless! 

Picture and recipe of Jack O Lantern peppers courtesy of It’s Yummi

What’s Halloween without treats? This spooky dessert is a great way to get a guilt-free sweet fix! Ghosts are the simplest – and fastest – Halloween costumes. These frozen ghost “boo”-nana pops are just as simple and easy! Dip frozen bananas into melted white https://www.skinnytaste.com/frozen-boo-nana-pops/chocolate for a low-calorie sweet treat! You can use chocolate chips, nuts, or fruits for the eyes. This recipe is less than 100 calories per serving – a yummy and healthy chocolatey treat!

Image and recipe courtesy of SkinnyTaste

All images are from the corresponding linked recipes.

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