Stay Hydrated this Summer, but Skip the Sugar!

Summer is here and the city is heating up! Summer is a great time to get moving outdoors with your family, but remember to drink lots of fluids to replenish what your body loses as sweat. Before you reach for the closest cold beverage, take a minute to rethink your drink.

Many people know that sodas are packed with added sugars, but other sweetened beverages can be just as bad for your family’s health and waistlines. Drinking sugary drinks rarely satisfies your thirst, but it does increase your appetite, which makes it way too easy to consume more calories than your body really needs. Take a look at how long it takes to burn off the extra calories in the drinks below!

The best way to keep you and your family hydrated during hot summer days – and all year long – is to drink plenty of water. Check out our healthy hydration tips for some different and healthy beverage options, and try our Cranberry Spritzer for a refreshing treat!

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